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The Greenhouse

Since 2009, El Dorado Spa Resorts & Hotels, Azul Hotels and Generations Resorts in Riviera Maya, Mexico have been harvesting over 14 tons of fruits and vegetables in an enclosed hydroponic greenhouse and surrounding orchard. Our produce is more than just delicious, it is grown with the highest respect for the environment and our workers. Our program has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance for our compliance with the principles of sustainable agriculture.

Green Globe Certification

We are proud to be Green Globe Certified for our efforts in environmental protection and sustainability. Perhaps the best known sustainability certification program in the hospitality industry, Green Globe analyzes 337 indicators covering areas like: Efficient Resource Management, Environmental Conservation and Social and Financial Commitment. All our properties in Riviera Maya have received this certification.

Water and Fuel Conservation

Water is life. Today, Karisma is doing everything possible to preserve and protect this precious resource. All of our properties in Riviera Maya, Mexico have their own water treatment plant that purifies water and reuses 85% for landscape irrigation. We return 15% to the environment after a very controlled treatment process. Our towel and sheet re-use programs encourage our eco-conscious guests to help conserve water. All rooms are equipped with energy-saving air conditioning units, LED lighting and motion sensors that turn off all lights when no one is in the room.

Recycling Program

At Karisma, we are committed to a robust recycling policy that includes: plastic, aluminum, paper and cardboard. You may have noticed our recycling bins throughout our properties in Riviera Maya, Mexico to make it easy for guests to help transform trash into treasure. We even work with the Maya Verde Company to transform used cooking oils into Biodiesel to run machines without using fossil fuels.

Solar Panels

Since the time of the ancient Maya the Sun was revered as a powerful giver of life. Today the sun gives us the power to enjoy our modern way of life without harming the environment. Karisma has invested in more than 800 solar panels throughout the resorts in Riviera Maya, Mexico to heat water and power LED lights. This technology puts the sun to work, while our guests can work on their suntans.

Marine Turtle Conservation Program

The endangered Sea Turtle was once a source of food for indigenous people and sailors but over-fishing and destruction of their natural habitat had nearly pushed them to the brink of extinction. Today, the precious Sea Turtle is respected and protected. From May to November we carefully monitor nesting Sea Turtles and protect their eggs in Turtle Conservation Camps. We reduce noise and light to protect nesting turtles and eventually release the baby turtles back into the sea where the cycle continues, just the way nature intended. Ask about our Sea Turtle Adoption Program to get involved. This program is operated in alliance with Flora and Fauna & Culture of Mexico and The Travel Foundation.